The Wallace Bros.
Love For Free

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Valentine's EP 2008/2009

Book of Love
The Magnetic Fields
You Belong To Me
rudence and Patience/
Royal City
I Know
Delta 88/
The Beatles

"a bewildering pastiche"-- True Romance

Turning Night Into Day

Always and Forever
You're Always Waiting, Baby
You Don't Think It's True
Never Thought
Nobody Cares About Your Big Dreams
(I Used To Think) Love Was A Dream
Dirty Secrets
(There's A Party At The) End of the World
There Will Never Be A Day
One and Only

"best summer jam of 2007"-- Smithsonian

Volume 5: Rock and Roll

Hey Pretty Baby
Hard To Believe
I Don't Like Girls
Walk Around
Endless Love
Since You Been Gone
Back Stairs
Brighter Days

"reactionary pop"-- The Metro Times

Volume 4: Country & Western

Pioneer Song
(I Don't Want To Break) Another Lonely Heart
My Dear Friend
Alice, My Dear
Sweetheart, Sweetheart
West Texas
I Know It Wasn't Easy
Some Folks Will Tell You
All The Ladies
You Will Come Back To Me Someday

"pretty and mean-spirited"-- Nashville Scene
Volume 3: Gospel

Jonah, Jonah
I Don't Know Why
Lord Knows Where My Baby Went
Like He Do
I Don't Care (What No Man Says)
Lord Please Show Me
My Heart Won't Let Me Be
I Need Rest
Trouble On My Shoulder
The Lord Will Go With You

"unlistenable"-- Christian Science Monitor
Volume 2: Hip Hop

I Know What You're Doing
I Remember What You Used To Say
Every Time I Try To Call You, Baby
You're So Pretty (That I Don't Know What To Do)
I Can See No Reason To Believe
You Can't Break A Broken Heart
You Don't Think It's True
You'll Come Running Back To Me
Baby Doll
Pay Phones

"sloppy but danceable"-- Spin
Volume 1: Lullabies

You Can't Stop
I Can't Hear Them Anymore
I'm Wondering Which Lie (You've Chosen To Get By)
(Suddenly) It's Happened Again
I Can't See You Anymore
Banjo Song
For The First Time
When You Leave (Don't Tell Me)
I Could See Things Like You

"melancholy and out-of-tune"-- Rolling Stone
Dirty Secrets Single

(a-side) Dirty Secrets
(b-side) Mine Tonight

with all our love for Michelle Stevenson

Perfect Day EP

1. Perfect Day - Maude Drew 1943
2. Perfect Day - The Wallace Bros. 2005
3. All The World Is Waiting For the Sunrise - MD 1943
4. All The World Is Waitinf For The Sunrise - WB 2005
5. Outro Static

Maude Wilhelm sang professionally from the ages of 16 to 23, between 1906 and 1913. These wax cylinder recordings were made privately after her marriage to Percy Edward Drew.

for Wendy Drew Wallace, February 13, 2005
Valentine's Day Single 2005

(a-side) Stacy, Stacy
(b-side) Didn't Dream

based on a true story

Bird Song EP

Bird Song
Dream For Me
A Sailor On The Town
You Seem Like Brighter Days To Me
(You Are My) Only One

rrecorded December 26, 2004

Amazing Grace EP

Hymn XLI
I Don't Know Why (Amazing Grace Version)
Amazing Grace

"repetitive" -- Billboard

illustration from the frontspiece of "The Complete Poetical Words of William Cowper."

recorded March 6, 2004 for Richard Cheever Wallace

Valentine's Day Single 2004

(a-side) All Your Secrets
(b-side) I'll Love You All My Life


Dark Carousel
(recorded for Casanova Temptations Halloween Compilation)

Ypsi Streets
(recorded for We're Twins Ypsilanti Artists Sampler)

Stay Inside
(recorded for We're Twins Stay Inside Compilation)